A few months back, I was in the roof of a house in Wangaratta and noticed that a bit of illegal electrical wiring had been done.

If you are the sort of person that doesn’t mind Rats, Mice and Spiders, Get up in your roof and have a quick look around with a good torch.

It doesn’t always take a licensed electrician to notice that something may be wrong. If any of the listed electrical problems are visible, give me a call and I can repair them or If I can’t, I will tell you who to call:

  • Old crumbling ductwork on heating or cooling systems,
  • Lack of roof insulation,
  • Leaking plumbing pipes, broken roof tiles or “bird holes” and nests under your tin roof edge,
  • Fallen off or missing lagging on your hot water pipes,mouse chewed wiring, ( never touch these wires, give me a call immediately)
  •  Missing junction boxes on wiring. ( you should only be able to see white cable or green and green/yellow wires, never red or black wires)
  • Use of extension leads, power boards or double adaptors for fixed wiring.
  • Keep an eye out for my future tips on Extra Low Voltage Downlights.


If you are ever unsure of the condition of your roof space, just give me a call and I can book in to check it for you, or ask me to have a look for you next time I’m doing so work for you.